Wretched Host

by Dystrophy

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    New Brunswick, NJ based technical death metal band DYSTROPHY has just signed a deal with Selfmadegod Records to release their new full length entitled “Wretched Host”. The band including Peter Lloyd (guitars), Peter Brown (guitars, vocals), Gregory Bueno (vocals, bass) and Matthew Thompson (drums) tracked and mixed the album at One Stone Recording Studio, and mastered it at West West Side Music.

    “Wretched Host”, the 2nd full length, was initially self-released by the band this last June with small amount of copies made available directly from the band. Few months later the release caught attention of Polish label Selfmadegod which lead to signing official deal and proper worldwide release.

    The follow-up to 2010’s „Chains Of Hypocrisy” is set for November 16th 2015 release on CD/digital. “Singularity” is the first song from the upcoming album available for listening and can be streamed at Selfmadegod Records’ SoundCloud or YouTube channel.
    Formed in New Brunswick, NJ in 2007, Dystrophy spawned from a DIY ethic that has stuck with the band to this day. Progressing from the rapid technical approach of their first album, “Chains Of Hypocrisy”, Dystrophy have since refined their style on their next release, “Wretched Host”; an intensely personal tale of mental health woven into a dissonant style of technical death metal.

    DYSTROPHY plays progressive and technical death metal that will appeal to fans of DEATH, GORGUTS, ATHEIST, VOIVOD, RIPPING CORPSE, HUMANS REMAINS, DEATHSPELL OMEGA and the likes.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Wretched Host via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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The construction of the ideal world is complete Arrogance cloaked in progress The epoch of complacency begins Drink deep the poison of enlightenment The collective will has been realized Hopeful, we orbit the rotting sun Yet on the cusp of immortality Humanity falls to every sickness Numbed and blind to the covert genocide We are the bloodless shells of man The creations best their masters With machine-like precision, they feed We are the bloodless shells of man The creations best their masters A return to the state of nature Reduced to a feral monstrosity The apex has been reached at last We climbed Jacob's Ladder and wide-eyed, tasted the infinite We now fall from the peak of the edifice And feast upon its foundation Eyes shut away from true salvation The heaven we seek is a lie
Anatomical limitations defied The shells of humanity are no longer needed for life A new vessel is forged Exploit the rapid growth and influx of technology Exocortexes created to hasten the process Cognitive breadth increased beyond comprehension and freed from all constraints More machine than man Innate humanity now denied Mortals protracting death time's but a myth Written in tomes of the past and spoken in hushed rasps Arrogant nature ensuring collapse Rendered inept with the languishing earth Revelations borne of perfection Transformed from elation to shame Worldly knowledge eradicated With no mercy the memories are destroyed The singularity has been reached Behold intelligence beyond perception That which remains beyond the veil Will shatter the walls of time. Exploit the rapid growth and influx of technology
Psychic torture made flesh Born of an idle existence The subconscious eats at the greater self The pitiful ego defiled Agonized into self-immolation The first waves of nausea take hold Vital tissue necrotized by bile Mental torment matched by physical pain A being turned on itself to wither and die The catalyst is within the mind Bodily decompensation follows We dwell deep in the throes of madness Forced to despise the natural human state Chemically lobotomized in vain to stall the decay The physical degradation is never-ending The delusions are unleashed at last The rot freed to consume anatomy Acknowledgment of the rise of disease Precedes the vascular infestation The final remains of consciousness Fade away The catalyst is within the mind Bodily decompensation follows The eyes of the mind betray The instincts for self-preservation
Edifice of wisdom eroded The time of the fall begins Worms present in human form Behold the sickness ensnare The will to exist exsanguinated on bended knee the joyless yearn Ignorant unwashed masses of flesh Howl and moan as the towers burn Liquifying flesh and bone The artifical plague takes hold Impervious to obsolete defenses The time for resolve is now The exoparasite multiplies The biomechanical swarms divide Complete subcutaneous destruction follows Days pass before death is realized A harrowing fortnight of corporeal decay Every second forces panic Silence pervades
Isolation breeds disdain A War of attrition Turned within The eyes of the world Watch eternally Asphyxiate and bleed Tear at the true self To labor for every breath Is a sin of omission Pushed to a cavernous existence Empathy for mankind forever extinguished All that remains is the cult of the self The bonds of empathy have been severed To labor for every breath Is a sin of omission Celebrations of misfortune Are the prime joys felt by us now Piercing others with detached stares but learning nothing at all Kneel before the new cathedral High priests beckon with forked tongues Choke down the wretched host Concede that your humanity's lost Remain consumed by the basest trifles Deaf ears prevail as blood is shed Ignorance abound where the bodies lie Integration breeds despair A revelation drawn before all The heads hang in shame For each day dead and gone Awakened to the disrepair But no recourse remains
Behold the majesty of tragedy A gruesome sight from time forgotten I place my rage upon its mantle From blackened seeds its roots will grow I long to drain the life from your gaze How I despise your ways You starve me from all that is righteous Yet to your will I remain enslaved There is nothing left but a distant memory There is nothing left to blame I see the world with eyes stained by pride I bow my head in shame I have slain the visions from my true dreams My will shall not be done Every step that's taken Is a step towards certain madness Trapped in deliberation I punish the world around me The growth from aspiration Is destroyed by abject blackness No time left to heal the rifts I let the cancer grow This is the demise I scorch the earth without reprieve I've become a tyrant I now live to spread misery The demise of the pure at heart Is clear for all to see I drain you now of all your worth
Witness the propagation of false consciousness Lied to from the start Kept from the origin of the affliction Deceit underlies every act of man I am cursed with an anhedonic fate Attacked at the core in the embryonic state Emotions dulled to absurdity A searing malaise casts its shadow again Brainwashed to crave the suffocating roots and rip the threads that connect the world Cognizant of the specter of death In which dread and despair become one The will to achieve full realization Is cast out at every turn Witness the spawning of a wrath with no dawn Shatter the borders and tear at the seams I cling to life with every act of rage Rebel against the foundational screeds No longer enigmatic and ever present Empathy exists no more
We are the hate that hate created Eviscerated by a novel disease The chosen few amass in darkness Shrouded for moments from the impending plague Discordant howls pierce the void as they feast on the remains of their young With no messiah to light the way to salvation An alien frost snuffs out the landscape Survival depends on the death of the other An iron will prevails among the ruthless ones Persistence secured by the flash of the blade Existence is brutish and short once again Reduced to a feral barbaric state The nadir has been reached at last With the remnants of enlightenment destroyed History will be preserved but dishonored Utter disdain for slovenly ideals Useless screeds are cast into the pit The fires burn on in the face of extinction Charred human remains feeding the wretched flames The wrath of nature reveals its rightful course As it corrects the untenable visions of man Lifeless eyes lost in bereavement Sacred tongues reduced to chants of rage Memories dim as the violence ascends Heartless, the victors of a terminal war


released November 16, 2015

Peter Brown: Rhythm & Lead Guitar

Greg Bueno: Bass & Vocals

Peter Lloyd: Rhythm & Lead Guitar

Matt Thompson: Drums

5 String Electric Violin on "Apex" & "Nadir" performed by Ben Karas.

Produced & engineered by Peter Lloyd at One Stone Recording Studio, New Brunswick, NJ.

Assistant engineer: Thomas Murphy. Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side, New Windsor, NY.

Cover painting by Dan Alex Rivera.

Layout by Kristin Holzer.

Wretched Host is dedicated to the memory of Steeve Hurdle and Denis “Piggy” D’Amour.


all rights reserved